Monday, August 10, 2009

Blog candy with a cause

This is not a blog that I normally would post candy to, unless it's candy I'm offering, however this is for a very good friend of mine and for an even better cause... please read below.

If you haven't already heard, my friend Jess from Jess' Scrapbook Assortments is having a blog candy. But not just any regular old blog candy. This one has a cause behind it. In her own words:

" Hello Crafters! This is my first ever blog candy give a way and it's for a special cause. First let me explain by telling you, I am volunteer for my husbands brigades Care Team. In the event of a tragedy I may be called on to give support to a spouse. I had an idea of making sympathy cards to give to the spouses. Cards are given to them, but I feel handmade cards would seem more personal, then something from a store shelf. How does this tie in with blog candy you ask? I'd love to tell you! To enter this challenge you must mail your card to me. By doing so you understand it could be used to comfort a military spouse in the event of a tragedy. It also means you have the chance to win one of three blog candy giveaways! "

We all love blog candy, getting free scrapbooking supplies? Who doesn't love that? We also all participate in challenges for fun, sometimes challenges for blog candy. So why not participate in this.

These women are sending their husbands off, at the end of August, knowing they might never return. Let's send some cards to Jess just in case, god forbid, those husbands do not return.

Jess's husband is also one of the ones leaving.

This is a good cause. Please, please please... visit her blog, enter the candy or don't, but please email her, get her mailing address and send her as many sympathy cards as you can.


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